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I'm a princess learning to be a warrior, striving to be as lovely as can be.

"The story of a boy, who you somehow loved with all your heart,
when maybe you didn’t really know him at all.
A story of songs, and people, and moments.
A story where the circumstances weren’t extraordinary, but you were." (x)

So honey don’t leave, don’t leave
Please don’t leave me now…

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Judge someone by their attitude when the rain starts pouring out of no where. By how they handle having to wait in line for things. By how they react when the store runs out of their shoe size. A well planned and organized person is always presentable, but it’s the raw unaccountability of the world that brings out the real you. (via c0ntemplations)

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choking on water is the worst because how do you stop choking? drink something? well ive got some bad news for you

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Taylor Swift (ft. The Civil Wars) - Safe and Sound (Orchestral)

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